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    TeleRescuer Project is realized in the framework of Research Fund Coal and Steel programme and partially financed by European Commision. read more

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    The goal of our project is to develop an unmanned vehicle (UV) for the virtual teleportation of the rescuer to the area affected by catastrophic events. read more

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    We are a well-balanced, interdisciplinary Consortium of research institutions, including SMEs and a prospective end-user. read more


In TeleRescuer project the following deliverables are specified:

List of WP1 deliverables:

  • D1.1. Formal specification of requirements (M6, SUT).

List of WP2 deliverables:
  • D2.1. A prototype of a mechatronic platform of the UV (M24, SUT).
  • D2.2. A prototype of a communication system and a sensory system (M27, UC3M).
  • D2.3. A prototype of a control system (M27, VSB).
  • D2.4. A prototype system for building maps (M27, VSB).
  • D2.5. A method and a prototype system for the autonomous operation of the UV in a known environment (M27, SUT).

List of WP3 deliverables:
  • D3.1 A report on rescuers’ knowledge acquisition and representation (M6, STR).
  • D3.2 A prototype of an effective human-machine interface for virtual teleportation (M12, STR).
  • D3.3 A report on the simulations of the operations of rescuers’ in a hazardous area of the coal mine with augmented reality elements (M18, STR).
  • D3.4 A prototype of the training simulator (M30, SIM).

List of WP4 deliverables:
  • D4.1. A report on tests of the system and its components (M36, ALL; supervised by KPX).

List of WP5 deliverables:
  • D5.1 A TeleRescuer project official webpage (M3, SUT).
  • D5.2 A brochure about the TeleRescuer project (as an electronic pdf file and in print) (M33, SUT).
  • D5.3 Articles about the obtained results in scientific and industry journals (M12-M36, All).
  • D5.4 A scientific seminar presenting the theoretical results achieved to-date (M18, SUT).
  • D5.5 A promotional seminar intended for the potential recipients of the project’s results (M35, SUT).

List of WP6 deliverables:
  • D6.1. A Consortium Agreement (M3, SUT).
  • D6.2. A first annual report (M15, SUT).
  • D6.3. Mid-term financial and technical reports (M21, SUT).
  • D6.4 A second annual report (M27, SUT).
  • D6.5. Final technical and financial reports (M36+9, SUT).


In TeleRescuer project the following milestones are specified:

List of WP1 milestones:

  • None.

List of WP2 milestones:
  • M2.1. The approval of developed solutions and systems (M30, ALL).
  • M2.2. (Conditional) ATEX certificate for selected subsystems and the complete system (M30, VSB).

List of WP3 milestones:
  • M3.1 Virtual teleportation technology using KVIR(TM) assessed and validated (M18, STR).
  • M3.2 Training simulator operation verified (M30, SIM).

List of WP4 milestones:
  • None.

List of WP5 milestones:
  • None.

List of WP6 milestones:
  • M6.1. Approved by all the Consortium members of the detailed specification and distribution of tasks discussed during the kick-off meeting (M3, SUT).
  • M6.2. Approval by the EC of the mid-term technical and financial reports (M23, SUT).
  • M6.3. Approval by the EC of the final technical and financial reports (M36+11, SUT).

Strategic decision:
  • S1.1. A decision as to whether the system has to be ATEX-ready/ATEX-certified (M6, ALL).